What’s the state of our Des Moines Metro market as we close out the third quarter of 2018? Today we’ll show you all the latest statistics for both the resale market and the new construction market.

“These numbers will give you a good idea of where our market sits.”

For your convenience, we’ve attached timestamps of the video above so that you can skip ahead to the section(s) of our recap that interest you the most:

1:00 - The total number of active homes on the market and how much of that is new construction

2:13 - The number of active listings, pending listings, and the average days on market of each from the resale market for both the Des Moines Metro and the suburbs

5:15 - The number of accepted offers in the last 30 days and our average months’ supply of inventory

6:25 - The three main factors behind our market slowdown

10:45 - A deeper dive into the numbers from our new construction market

15:34 - How many homes in our market that are priced under $300,000

16:28 - The yearly number of new home sales of three different categories

20:23 - Answering some FAQs about new construction homes

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