Discover AI's transformative impact on the real estate market today.

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, artificial intelligence is becoming a pivotal asset in diverse industries, including real estate. Notably, Ryan Serhant’s innovative use of AI in his New York City real estate operations illustrates just how transformative this technology can be. Serhant’s company leverages AI to offer virtual tours in multiple languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, using his voice. This technology not only breaks down language barriers but also personalizes the experience by syncing his voice to the video, providing a seamless tour of properties.

While such advanced AI applications might seem out of reach for most real estate professionals, they highlight the potential for AI to enhance how properties are showcased and marketed. In Central Iowa, where the real estate market might not demand such high-tech solutions, AI’s role is more about enhancing search functions and visualizing property enhancements. As AI becomes more integrated into our daily tools, its invisibility will only increase its impact.

“AI is here to stay.”

The idea of AI can be daunting, but it also offers invaluable tools that can transform mundane tasks and create new opportunities for both realtors and clients. Whether it’s through creating more efficient searches, improving property visualization, or even conducting virtual tours in multiple languages, AI is here to stay.

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