How we try to keep things fun in a high-stress environment.

Real estate is undeniably rewarding, but it can also be emotionally taxing. That’s why a significant part of our team’s culture revolves around having a good time. We thoroughly enjoy engaging in friendly contests and hosting lively parties.

Our enthusiasm for fun is so deep-rooted that we’ve established a dedicated Fun Committee. This group, composed of three to four team members, convenes every quarter to brainstorm exciting themes for our team meetings. They also organize our charitable initiatives for the quarter and plan community outreach events. We wholeheartedly embrace these activities because they infuse enjoyment into our work.

Moreover, we have an exclusive Elite Performers Group that partakes in a sales contest. Those who qualify for this group are rewarded with the opportunity to embark on exotic destination trips. We’re not just about work; we also value team bonding and celebration. To further strengthen our connections, we occasionally arrange team overnight trips. After all, what’s success in real estate if you’re not relishing the journey? 

If you have questions about my team or anything else, just call or email me! I’m always willing to help.