For some agents, 2021 was a great year. For others, not so much.

When you reflect on 2021, do you think that you lived up to your potential and had a satisfying year in real estate? A lot of people did; it was a tremendous market that had a lot of good things come of it. However, I coach many agents from around the country, and not everyone had a spectacular year. These kinds of people fall into two different categories.

The first group recognized that the market was hot, but they had trouble connecting with clients and keeping them loyal. They might have struggled with articulating their value propositions. In a busy market, sometimes sellers don’t feel that an agent has as big of an impact as they might in a more challenging market.

“Many can’t imagine maintaining the same pace as they did in 2021.”

The other group may have had the most financially successful year that they’d had in a while, but they had no work-life balance. Many couldn’t imagine maintaining that same pace heading into 2022 and were concerned about burnout.

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