Here’s why speaking well matters so much in the real estate business.

One of the biggest challenges I observe agents facing when they aim to establish a real estate business is knowing the appropriate way to communicate when a client seeks advice, experiences disappointment, or encounters a problem that adds stress to the transaction. I understand that this can be intimidating and discouraging because your commission depends on how you handle such situations.

That’s why my team places great emphasis on role play. Role play serves the purpose of practicing how to interact with our clients, as well as how to communicate with other agents, appraisers, home inspectors, and even our clients’ parents when they have inquiries. It’s crucial to practice with individuals who support us and offer valuable advice rather than solely relying on those who hold our commission in their hands.

Always keep in mind that knowing how to express yourself can significantly impact your level of success. If you have questions about this, please call or email me. I am always willing to help!