In my latest Be Better DSM live webinar on lead conversion, I spoke to a few special guests from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations.

Aaron Moulton is the Director of Business Development For Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations. He comes from a family of agents and has worked in real estate for 10 years. He started off in the mortgage industry, working there for eight years before moving to real estate. He focuses on training agents who are new to the business.

Allison Langreck is an Inside Sales Agent in the client services department for the Misty SOLDwisch Home Selling Team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations. She has been in real estate for just over a year and has always wanted to make a career out of helping people. Helping people find homes definitely checks that box. She enjoys the challenges of the job and likes putting skills she has previously developed to the test.

For your convenience, I’ve included timestamps of each webinar topic we discuss. Feel free to navigate to the topic(s) you are most interested in viewing.

00:44 — Aaron and Allison introduce themselves.

02:11 — More about Allison’s unconventional role in real estate.

04:06 — Information about Be Better DSM.

05:30 — Aaron’s perspective on the business and advice on starting points.

07:27 — Allison’s process of connecting with clients.

09:44 — Aaron’s process of connecting with clients.

11:33 — Different ways of interacting with leads.

15:20 — What it takes to make someone register.

18:38 — Working with Zillow as a real estate agent.

22:45 — LPMAMA discussion (and what it means).

25:20 — How to start the conversation.

27:45 — Example of a conversation between a buyer and an agent.

37:51 — Thoughts and reflections on the example conversation.

42:15 — Aaron’s insight on specific customer inquiries.

43:07 — Allison’s conversation goals for when someone wants a specific home.

46:25 — How Allison adjusts conversation to mirror and match the buyer.

48:12 — Allison’s typical workload and goals in a day of work.

50:42 — Goals as an agent when meeting for an appointment.

52:00 — How to tackle common customer objections.

56:25 — The importance of giving perspective through information.

56:57 — What to do when a customer is considering a different agent.

59:00 — How to handle a buyer who isn’t emotionally prepared to buy.

1:02:36 — Knowing the buyer’s motivations.

1:04:19 — The wisdom of a “dog” drawing.

If you have any questions or need any further information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.